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A Very Tony Christmas


Anna's a hopelessly single girl with a successful career in the big city. She's too busy for distractions like Christmas, but an assignment from work has sent her back home to Christmastown. When Anna bumps into Tony, the town's Christmas tree farmer who's raising a precocious little daughter all on his own, she finds herself gifted an unexpected romance for Christmas! Is she really considering giving up everything to stay in Christmastown? Has the spirit of the season finally caught her? Tune in to Christmas In Christmastown...

But wait. That's not right. That's not who Tony and Anna are. Why are they acting like characters in one of those cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movies? The only ones who can save them are their kids: Quint, Brody, and Hooper. It's up to the kids to free them from this spell and escape Christmastown!

But there's something ancient and angry lurking at the edges of the story. And it will stop at nothing to keep them trapped in Christmastown forever.

It's an all-new holiday novella, Full Time Tony and Christmas In Christmastown!

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