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Annette Williams McCann

Magical Realism | Children's Fiction | Fairytales

Annette Williams McCann is an author, songwriter, and musician.  She's spent her life telling stories in song, and as of March 17th of 2020, she started telling stories in a new way:  through books.

You can find Annette's first book, Song of a Wingfin, and you can find out about all of her creative projects on

Tony Gruenwald

Adventure | Magical Realism | Dad Jokes

Tony Gruenwald is a stay-at-home dad to three kids in Minnesota. His wife is awesome and his kids are just okay. He is the author of the FullTimeTony short stories. You can find more at

Full Time Tony and the Planet Playground plus Bonus short story is available now on Kindle and Kindle app.

Purple Flower
Purple Flower

Lily Dae

Lesbian Sweet Romance

Lily Dae writes LGBTQ "candy bar" books that are at once romantic, sweet, and full of swear words.  

B.A. Burgess

Fiction | Non-Fiction | Literally Everything Else

B.A. Burgess is a multi-genre author.  She has published works of poetry, romance, non-fiction, and children's book under various pen names (or author voices as she prefers to call them).
When she isn't writing, she is being a #fitwriter, encouraging others to write, and hugging a tree somewhere in the woods.

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