I just finished reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman for the second time.

The book is nothing like I remember it.

If you watched the television adaptation on SyFy, you probably have a clear picture of what Penny looks like and sounds like in your mind. Most likely, you have strong feelings about Q and Eliot -- #bestfictionalcharactercoupleever

When I revisited these characters in their home base (the book), I surprised at how much I had forgotten about their original depictions.

Penny, for example, has a mohawk and is a punk (fashion-wise). And, Q and Eliot (book version) do not get romantically entangled.

So, which is better? TV or book?

Honestly, in this case, I can't say one is better than the other. They are two very different pieces of entertainment and are equally good.

Have you read The Magicians? How was watch it? What did you think?

From the author of Song of a Wingfin, comes a new collection of flash fiction.

A nearly forgotten elder, a lonely street girl, a dreamer, witch, and an egocentric tycoon all have one thing in common. They've all been touched by the love stone.

This collection of short stories reminds us of the power we have when we chose love daily. What will your legacy be?

"The lessons are from love, but lessons do not care where they come from. Time, pain, sacrifice: these are the currency of lessons."~ The Elder (from The Love Stone)

Sunshine Rey Dodge has just been given an ultimatum - continue ghostwriting for Milton-Luvell Publishing’s resident author or prove that she’s got the fortitude to stand on her own as a writer.

She booked a cabin in the mountains to isolate herself away from Wifi and on-demand television to finally write the romance novel she’s always wanted to write. Only, she’s not as isolated as she had hoped.

A simple mistake made by an office attendant turned her solo writer’s retreat into a couples weekend. What’s worse - she’s booked in with another writer - horror writer.

With a giant snowstorm heading right for them, they are unable to part ways and instead have to hunker down and make the best of it.