I’ve only ever wanted to be a writer.

My first book was written when I was five years old. I had a stay-at-home mom and three older siblings, so I was talking and writing pretty clearly by five.

The book was written and illustrated by me, and bound by staples and a stapler that I was permitted to use by my editor, my mother.

It was a colorful tale of a unicorn farmer and his unicorns.

I cannot remember the full details of the plot, but I assure you, it was riveting.

Between my first indie publication about the unicorn farmer and his unicorns, I went to high school where I won awards for writing and painting. I had a poem published my senior year, and was aggravated by the missing comma in my piece.

In my twenties, I collected a few wellness and fitness certifications. I taught yoga, meditation, and did some personal training. I also wrote on health and wellness blogs.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I attempted to write and publish fiction. I wanted to prove to myself that I had it in me. So, I decided to start small with a children’s book.

Fernando Learns About Asking

This was one of four books that I would write and publish with my talented friend Duncan. With her help, our little project landed on TV a few times on shows and in some commercials.

A screenshot of Fernando Learns About Asking on Nashville.

Years after the book was published, my dream of having a reader cosplay as one of my characters came true! A friend of mine came to yoga classes with a picture of her nephew dressed up as Fernando for his elementary school’s book parade.

Now, I have a small press and a number of books in several genres under my belt. I owe it all to that little, curious cat.

Happy Birthday, Fernando. You’re a good kitty.


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Benji hated being the only kid at Thanksgiving. Now he had to spend time alone with Grandpa Hank? Well, at least he would find out why everyone in town was obsessed with popcorn balls. Maybe there'd be a sweet ending to Thanksgiving after all.

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