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On March 25, 2020, stay-at-home parenting gets a little more interesting.

A normal morning at the playground for stay-at-home dad Tony and his three kids turns into an intergalactic adventure that he definitely didn't stock the diaper bag for. Suddenly transported to a far off planet, Tony and the kids find themselves on a bizarre playdate with strange and annoying creatures. When it looks like a planetary civil war is about to begin, Tony and the kids will have to work together to find a way to get back to Earth! And here Tony thought taking all three kids to the grocery store was stressful.

FullTimeTony And The Planet Playground is a funny sci-fi adventure short story that shows the only thing you can plan on as a parent is the plan always changing on you.

PLUS A BONUS SHORT STORY! FullTimeTony And The Royal Riders! FullTimeTony is back! This time he's taking his kids on a school bus route to the most dangerous corners of the galaxy! Tony's been volunteered to drive a bus full of alien royalty to school. But can he get everyone safely to school in time while driving through the most hazardous conditions of the galaxy, being pursued by vicious kidnappers, and being boarded by dangerous space pirates? And does Tony need a different class of driver's license to drive a space bus? Find out in the hilarious and action-packed bonus short story FullTimeTony And The Royal Riders!


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