Full of Gratitude

When I published A Christmas Rideshare, I was hopeful. Hopeful it would find readers of all kinds. I hoped it would find readers that were looking for positive representation, readers that loved reading about silliness, snow and falling in love accidentally, and readers that enjoy quick, entertaining reads. I feel like this little novelette has done that.

Every day, we (Pilgrim Fowl Press) are getting new subscribers from all over the world which I did not expect. We've gotten some wonderful reviews and have been featured on Must Read list for lesbian fiction!

I know Amazon charts are fickle and ever-changing, but I was elated when I saw A Christmas Rideshare featured on the Top 100 Lesbian Romance Reads and Top 100 Lesbian Fiction Reads! It was short-lived, but man, it was cool!

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the middle, and the top of it) for reading, sharing, buying and borrowing our first book.

Each of you has literally made my dreams come true, and I will be forever thankful and grateful for you.

Happiest of Thanksgivings to You All. -Barbara Burgess, Creator of Pilgrim Fowl Press

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