Chilling Tales from the PFP Authors

Pilgrim Fowl Press just released the first-ever volume of holiday-themed short stories tomorrow. This collection highlights Halloween with a trio of tales that will spook you to your core.

For my contribution, I have stepped away from my children’s story genre to give you a tale of dating gone wrong, in XX, Leona. Inspired by the Celtic sluagh (pronounced SLOO-AH) and online dating, this story might have you thinking twice before going on that blind date. The sluagh are evil spirits who collect souls. They often travel by shadows or flocks of ravens. In my story, they team up with another Celtic evildoer, the leannan sidhe, Leona. Leona is an evil muse who preys on creative types. She can magically provide inspiration, but at what cost?

B.A. Burgess shows us that you should always be careful what you wish for in Robocall. We all hate those automated annoyances. But what if you got one that let you make your wildest dreams come true?

Tony Gruenwald’s story follows the characters from his book that released with Pilgrim Fowl Press earlier this year. Tony and the kids have to face off against child-craving hags with magical powers in The Sister Sigil. As with most evil witchy types, they don’t know what they’re in for, especially when you mess with an aspiring sidewalk chalk artist.

This Chills Collection is available starting tomorrow exclusively on Pilgrim Fowl Press’ website. Thank you so much for supporting us and letting us imagine you a story. We team up again next month to bring you some Thanksgiving-inspired tales.

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Annette Williams McCann

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